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SystemPeter PICLIP



Peter PICLIP system LEGAR – Aluminum profile.

Peter PICLIP system legar is NEWS in a polish and global market. It is a big innovation in all terrace construction. Normal legar called more often aluminum profile the are just a square pipe. We use this like a base under terrace. However is really popular proposition and useful, the whole work with assembly it is not that easy. PeterPICLIP system found the solution for this. We purpose you Peter PICLIP legar. It is constructed from the high quality aluminum with the screw channel and side groove. Both extra functions make terrace installation simple and clean without any different works like a drilling.

Legar SystemPeter PICLIP 50x39x4000 mm

Peter PICLIP system legar’s are use for the terrace assembly. We used them for making terrace with wooden or composite planks. Aluminum deck supported system is really durable. Our system have many advantages. They are form-stable, they are always straight we owe this high load-bearing.

Legar SystemPeter PICLIP 24x39x4000 mm

Aluminum legar’s compared with the wooden or composite construction they are not corroded or biodegradable. Construction is durable and will last for many years..

Legary SystemuPeter PICLIP