SystemPeter PICLIP
Montage Instruction

Arrangement of elements:

The figure below (Fig. 1) shows the location of SystemPETER PICLIP aluminium legars and adjustable pedestals when mounted on a concrete slab or inverted roof. The spacing of legar’s relative to each other, counting from the joist edge is 45 cm (this distance can be reduced if the board manufacturer recommends otherwise). In order to ensure the rigidity of the structure, the so-called “Frame”. We install a transverse legar’s at the free ends of the legar’s Transverse joists are mounted using a system corner connector included in the set with self-drilling screws.

In the case of installation on the ground, an additional concrete slab (e.g. 30x30x5 cm) should be used under the bracket (Fig. 2). This element is to ensure the stability of the structure. When constructing a terrace on the ground, remember to spread a special non-woven fabric to get rid of the possibility of ingrown vegetation.11

Joining methods for legar’s

When using aluminum legar’s on concrete, glue using PeterPUR glue. In order to ensure the durability of legar’s, legar with the concrete bound should have matted of the glued legar surface. In a situation where the legar is laid transversely to the range, washers (SystemPeter PICLIP leveling “U” pads) should be used, which ensure free drainage of rainwater. The pad is used every 50 cm along the legar.

Assembly instructions
for the PICLIP Fig.4

1. We put clips on the side the board next to the side groove on the profile. We drill the screw but not to the end.
2. Next we put second deck and we drill another screw,
3. After approach deck and drill next screw, tighten the last one with a Tx20 wrench, not pressing.
4. We repeat, we need remember about pressing deck when we are drilling next clip.

NOTICE! When you using our PeterPICLIP system legars with screw channel drilling it is not necessary. Assemble it is easier and faster than earlier thanks our legar’s.